Going backwards to go forwards

February, the beginning of the year, a fresh start for me. Having walked away from my job now it’s time to put everything into a new, more rewarding job in building my own business. Which means having confidence in myself again. Easier said than done, I’m my biggest critic!

I’ve never been overly confident, I slap on a smile and hope for the best. Being out of work on maternity I questioned how good really was I at my job? Then I remember, no you were good don’t be so silly…or am I being silly? Why would my employer treat me so badly? From the moment of finding out I was pregnant to going on MAT leave. While away they then treated me like I never worked there while gone. ( I know it’s ridiculous as I’ve always got on so well in all my roles I’ve had, rising to a new challenge. It’s what makes me tick!) That’s only a quick snippet of what happened, It’s unbelievable that this day in age a women in the workplace can be treated like I had. Some will say women don’t want to go back to work, they’d rather be with their little one. In my case I wanted to go back, I was looking forward to the adult conversion.That sense of achievement at the end of a busy week, being my normal independent self. Not just another Mummy. Which working in a good job gives you more confidence. This time now, I’m providing for little lady too, I will have all that but doing for myself and with people I enjoy being around.

I bump into people in my home town asking how I’ve been, what I’m up to, hearing that I’ve moved back having lived in Christchurch in Dorset. It’ll always be close to my heart, having lived in Poole then Christchurch. Dorset is just a beautiful part of the UK, you must visit it!


I’ll be like many people, living at home saving a deposit. Renting is a killer and a waste of money, heard it million times and its so true! Hoping for a big move by the end of the year, finding that dream family home for my little girl to grow up in. Which then brings the scary questions of where to buy, best schools etc. Being back in my hometown as good as it is for seeing friends and family, it’s just not for me anymore. It’s not the same place for me anymore, too many sad memories to be honest.

I’m not restricted to an area really as I drive and I’m now working from home. What better incentive to have then buying your family home! Just one of my goals from my business, all I know is achievable. Its not a sprint its a marathon. So here I go and I’m so excited to see what this year of change will continue to bring. Lets see how many goals I will achieve.



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