Can I build a business around my family?

Like most Mums, I was extremely excited about the arrival of our bundle of joy. Then the gloom of having to return to work kicks in and deciding what to do next. Becoming a Mum was something I never thought was going to happen, so being with my daughter means the absolute world to me. I missed work, and as much as I love to be with my daughter I craved adult conversation. Also having a good wage coming in every month would really help. I was so torn, I wanted to go back but I wanted to be able to share and be there for all her important firsts. Her first words, first crawl, first steps to name a few. I don’t want to miss out on this amazing time of her development.

Starting my own business offered me the flexibility and better work life balance I was looking for. Was this too good to be true? One huge factor for me, like most women, was that going back to work just part time would only be earning to pay the ever expensive childcare fees. Plus letting someone else look after my baby and share those moments I don’t want to miss out on!img_0469My daughter is a 9 month old baby girl, and I can tell you setting up your own business from home is hard. It’s not all smiles with your baby hanging joyfully on your hip as you talk on the phone while reading something on your laptop at the same time. Any Mum knows those stock images of a smiling happy Mummy’s multitasking like some sort of octopus and still look glamorous is a lie! She’s usually sleep deprived, covered in biscuits and reading the Hungry Caterpillar for the fourth time that morning.

It isn’t impossible however!  Mum Entrepreneurs are big business these days.  You see them everywhere. That’s because these women are passionate, determined people and it simply works. Doing whatever it takes to do the best for them and their family. Having the flexibility, and still the ability to provide is all any Mum could ask for.

Here are my tips on how I make it work around my family

Determination – Money is always a drive for most people but it is not enough on its own.  Earning a few hundred extra a month is great but do you want more financial security? Do you want a better work life balance? What is it that makes you passionate and go to work each day? If its not the love of the job change it.

Organisation – This is key to any success.  Being organised is something you especially need if you are a new Mum. I thought I was an organised person; it hits new levels once you become a Mummy.

Prioritise tasks and be realistic – Having a baby or small child to look after makes it very difficult to try and multitask. You need to be realistic on what time you can spend or you will only be doing everything half-heartedly. Waking a hour early or waiting for the little ones to go to bed are the best and most productive times of the day.

Consistency – If you can do all of the above and do it consistently you are on to a winner. Work hard and consistently and it will pay off for you and your family.



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