Social media, the end of real friendships/relationships?

In the Network Marketing business you get to meet so many different people and even get lucky enough to catch up with old friends and acquaintances. I’ve only just started to scratch the surface and its already been an eye opener.

Like me, you may have had some people on your social media accounts for a long time. Facebook, twitter or even back in the day your MySpace page! I know I am that old… People come in and out of our lives all the time and I believe everything happens for a reason. You lose touch, and you change and grow as a person. Its not always personal, some people just aren’t meant to be in your life. How many of us are guilty of not seeing or keeping in touch as much as we used to? We see whats going on in a persons life on Facebook, hit the odd like button, so therefore we no longer need to bother seeing them. Too inconvenient right?

Last week I received a card in the post from a friend. Just a silly “I saw this card and thought of you” card. It made my day. I received something in the post that wasn’t a bill, which in itself is always a pleasant surprise. Now we don’t call and talk every week, but we’ll drop a checking-in text to make sure everything is ok every week or two. This card came, and she was going to be coming back to our home town the following weekend. was I free? Hell yes I was and I couldn’t wait to see her. I wished I was more thoughtful like her. I try, but I too am guilty of life getting in the way. She’s one of the gems of a friend that is so fun to be around and brings out the best in anyone by how wonderfully kind hearted she is. They say surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you. it’s so true! I’ve been friends with people who weren’t real friends. Who bring you down and enjoy it. Its made me grow as person, and made me realise the type of woman I don’t want to be and don’t want to be perceived as.


So the moral of my story, don’t let time pass you by and wonder why someone is no longer part of your life. Make the effort for people!  If they want to be part of your life they will do the same. What we see on Facebook, twitter and all the rest is just the small part they are happy for you to see. Nobody is perfect, I sure as hell know that. So pick up the phone, make that lunch date or go for that cheeky drink. It might just make your week or who knows what it might bring?!





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