Looking after number one

Those who know me know I’m not a selfish kind of person. In fact I think its safe to say that since a very young age I’ve been putting others first. When it comes to being ill or not being right, like a girl, I have a moan. Then I get on with it, unlike people with manflu! It’s helped me see where my Mum had gone wrong and didn’t look after herself like she should have. Too busy worrying about us kids! Its really made me realise how easy it is to forget about looking after yourself. Yes I go the gym, I eat relatively well. Like so many others I need to do better and now dare I say I’m getting older and I’m a Mum I need to look after myself. If not for my own sake, for the sake of my beautiful little girl.

I know every single person reading this does the same.  They go on a diet or health kick, it lasts a few weeks or months at a push then bam! My diet in general isn’t too bad, the last year or so I’ve changed my mindset on a lot of things. However these last two weeks I’ve been feeling sorry for myself with so much going on in my personal life plus added reminders of the joys of PCOS kicking in. This junk food thats come back into play and wine, lots more wine, are really not helping me! I know I need to get back on my game.

The healthiest I’ve been is when I went diary and gluten free. I felt great. It isn’t something I’d be ridiculously strict with as gluten free is bloody hard! I do believe that in cutting down certainly helped. It only last 3-4 months or so but then I became pregnant. Then making sure I was getting enough calcium, vitamins and eating a variety for a healthy baby was more important. Diet is definitely one of the factors I believe that enabled the pregnancy to happen. Please note I do not want another baby right now, definitely no time soon thats for sure!


March 2016 – The body can do amazing things!

Over the last 8 months I’ve been introduced to Aloe Vera drinking gel. I know what some of you think, oh it looks horrible why’d you drink that. Well actually the one I drink tastes great and when I’m on my game I have two shots every morning and I feel the benefits! That is just one of the adjustments I need to get back doing.

Like most people I’m after some motivation, which I’m going to get my doing a 9 day cleanse. Which involves drinking the Aloe, eating fresh and taking the right supplements. Not forgetting increasing the water intake big style! This is really going to sort out my head and make me be healthier again. Then in turn make me feel happier by not feeling so poorly and rubbish all the time. Its just the boost I need, having done it previously I know it works. I lost weight and inches, it got me back into my groove. I know a bad month isn’t the end of the world this can be fixed, all starting with this cleanse I’m starting next week! Definitely recommend giving it a go with me!

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